Congrats to Jessica Hoffman of Coaldale, AB
This year's 2020 Truck Raffle Winner!

Care from the Heart Donor List

Thank you to all who have donated to the 2020 Care from the Heart Radio-a-thon!

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Alf and Lorrian Aasen
Alberta Prime Beef
Gerald and Mabel Alkerton
Jake and Verdell Andres
Don Antal
Gordon Atwood
Ralph and Laureen Auestad
Mia Austie


Trina Baier In Memory Of George and Maxine Wheeler
Balog Auction Services
Jerry and Ann Baran
Arthur W. Bedster
Bryan Beerling
Ken Benson
Delores Berte
Dale and Lorna Billyard
Blaine Pickard Vet Service
Andrea Bourque-White A Tribute To CRH staff did an excellent job taking care of me & our first child in weeks leading up to and in the days after her arrival
Colleen Brewin
Louise Bridgeman
Judith Briscoe
Marlene Brown
Marla Brown
Frieda Bruns
Lorraine Bruyckere


Cameron Farms Colony Ltd
Elaine Cannady
Cavendish Farms
Carla Chiste
Glenn Chute
Goldridge Industries
Pam Colling
Brenda Gross-Corns in memory of Sherry Gross
Costco Wholesale Canada Ltd.
Colin Coutts
Donald Crabb
James and Eileen Crane
Darlene Crofts
Victor Cursons


Marlene Dash
Brad De Leeuw
Harold and Helen Deal
Jack and Ione Dergousoff
Allen Derosier
Fred Dewald
Dewald Livestock
James B. Doepker
Thomas Dore
Shane and Mary-Ann Doyle
Mel and Liz Duda
Earl Dunn


East Cardston Farming Co
Robert and Sandra Ebert
Lorraine Elliott
Julia Entz
Bob Eyre


Tracey Faulkner
Beverly Feregotto
M. Rita Filanti
David Findlay
Serge Forcier
Nettie Forth
Stirling Fox
Bill Friesen


Gary Moe Mazda Lethbridge
Michael and Diane Gaudet
Diana Geremia In Memory Of (Butch) Gerald Geremia, Lynne Dorchak, Cheryl Dangerfield, Mike & David Wiest
Helen Giacchetta
Helen C. A. Gibos
Irene T. Gibos
Kim and Christine Gieni
Goldridge Farming
George and Anna Gorzitza
Grandview Cattle Feeders Ltd
Ronald and Kathy Gschaid


Elizabeth Hammerstedt
Henry and Bertha Harder
Roy Harper
Marian Harrison
Shawn Hass & Hass Wealth
Harry Hecht
Kevin Helstein
Gerda Hesse and Gudrun Hesse
Shinako Higa
Harry and Edith Hinch
Irene J. Hollander In Memory Of Brian Ouwerkerk
Hutterian Brethren Church of Jumbo Valley
Hydrodig Lethbridge


Rumiko Ibuki


Sue Janzen
Al and Helen Jaster
John Schooten & Sons Feedyard
Lee Ann Johnson
Betty Johnston
Arlene Jones
Shirley Jones


George and Carol Karl
Keho Lake Colony
H. Dick Kerber
Margaret Kiers
Alan and Roberta Kimber
Ron Kiss
Andrea Klassen
Alice Kostelansky
Anne Krystoff
Yvonne Kunyk In Memory Of Zane Kunyk


Lakeside Colony Farming
Barb Larson
Ed and Julie Lastuka
Valeria Lazzaretto A Tribute To Angie Horvath
Willard and Wilma Leeuwenburgh
Leeuwenburgh Red Angus
Frank Lightbound
Ben Littlewood
Marie and Errol Locke
Barbara Lockhart
Terry L Lund


Tami and Kevin MacLean
Troy Mangone
Doug Mantler
Lee Mapplebeck
Mark Steven Creative Inc
Jenn Marsh
Erin Marsh
Marin Cattle Merchants
John and Pat McAlister
William McAlister
Ralph and Margaret McDougall
Tom and Lou McNab
Anne Megyes
Betty Miller
Allan Minchau
Douglas and Naomi Mitchell
Ruby Mock
Diane Mokosch
Barry Morgan
Teri Myhre


Elaine Nakonechny
Nelson Family Ranching
Peter and Heather Neufeld
Jacob Neustaeter
James and Terry Newton
Andrea Niemans
Anne Norgardt in memory of Lewis & Greg Norgardt


Joe O Donnell
Ober Brothers Farms
Mrs. Maxine Ohler
Optical Studio
Wanda Osberg


Mr. & Mrs. Irwin C. Packham
Ed and Marg Pardoski
Rick and Diane Paskal Family
Frank and Mary Ann Pavka
Bent Pedersen
Erica Perreaux
Randy Perry
Peter Heins & Sons Ltd
Peters Dairy Bar Ltd.
Peters Dairy Bar West Ltd.
Barry and Sandra Peterson
Chuong Pham
Verdelle Piccini
Sylvia Pluss
Robert and Brenda Pollock
Ponderosa Colony Farming Co Ltd
Amanda Popson
Helen C. Poulton
Robert & Gayle Prepchuk
Proceeds from the Balog Charity Cattle Auction



Irwin Rajesky
Bill and Andrienne Riehl
Dave Riehl
Doreen Rogalsky
Darlene Romanchuk
Marc Royer


Jan Sameshima
Corrioo Santoni
Elizabeth Schneyder
Chad and Susan Sewall
Jenny Sheffield
Irene Shippobotham
Shoppers Drug Mart - Life Foundation
Shoppers Drug Mart - Life Foundation
Dianna Simons
Elaine Sinclair
Bo Slomp
Harold and Joan Smith
Paul F. Snopek
Shirley M. Sokvitne
Rob and Raeleen Sonnenberg
Speedwell Farms PC
RG and Bernice Sprague
Starbrite Colony Farming Co Ltd
Stephanie Stock In Memory Of Darin Hellawell
Ben and Dorothy Stroeve
Candace Stryker
Joey Sugai
Summit Livestock Ltd
James Swartz


Richard and Dawn Takeda
Elaine Tanaka
Linda Tharle
Cliff Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Thomson A Tribute To We appreciate all you do and all that is available to us so close by
Tim Hortons Smile Cookies
Maria Tonin
Dat Tran
Beverly Tufts
Donna M. Turnbull
Jack and Betty Twitchen



Peter and Ann Van Beers
John and Lien Van Hal
Van Raay Paskal Farms Ltd
Jeff and Jean VandenHoek
Mary Vander Heyden
Vanee Livestock Marketing
Vanee Truck Wash
Corinne Varzari
Phan Vuong


Allison Wagner
Peter Waldner
Norm Watmough
Gayle Weeks
John and Hilda Weing
Leopold J. Weinkauf
Westgard Ranch Ltd
Whitelake Colony
Marge Wiebe
Darlene Wigley In Memory Of Terry Rioux, Kay Rioux, Debbie Ingoldsby, Rose Sturn
Wilson Colony
Gwen Wirth
Mary Witdouck
Conrad Withage
Larry Wolfe
Angie & Dean Wutzke



Barb Yakubowski


Maria Zanolli
Ferris and Terry Zaugg
Henry A. Ziegenhagel