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Lights of Hope Donor List

Thank you to all who have donated to the 2017 Lights of Hope Campaign!

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Edwin Aanestad in memory of Clara Aanestad
Giuliano and Maria Abriotti
AC Vocals
Gloria Adachi in memory of Mom & Dad, Edwin, Uncle Gitt
Alberta Prime Transport Ltd
K. Alder in memory of Ross Olsen
Ann and Allan Alderdice in memory of Joseph Alderdice, Helen Laughlin
Gordon and Denise Algate in memory of Marilyn Lodermeir, Roy Clark
Gerald and Mabel Alkerton in memory of Evelyn Breen
Judie Allan in memory of My Husband John R. Allan
Mark, Michael, David & Leslie in memory of Our Dad John R. Allan
Kiki, Cayley, Robert, Tori & Livi in memory of Papa John R. Allan
Alpine Drywall (Leth.) Ltd. in memory of Helmuth Schwark
Susanne Amero
Dennis Amos in memory of Patti Amos
Rhonda Ander in memory of Gunter Ander & Ruth Maheu
Joan E. Anderson in memory of My Alumni Sisters Who Have Passed On
Edward Anderson
Jake and Verdell Andres in memory of Mel Andres
Sylvia Andres in memory of Mel Andres & Frances Pollock
Isabel Androkovich
Don Antal in memory of Train & Antal Family Members Passed
John and Rita Aoki in memory of Ryutaro Nakagama & Nobuko Nakagama
Steve and Eira Arisman a tribute to Emergency Department
Audrey J. Arrowsmith In Memory Of Great Nephew Wyatt Mabie, Mom, Shadow, Millie & May
Jason Attwell
Gordon Atwood In Memory Of Tom Atwood
Gordon Ayers in memory of Tom & Shirley Ayers


B'nai Brith
Holly Baier In Memory Of Leonard Dunn, Irma & Peter Baier
Brenda Baird in memory of Leah Clarke
Bozo and Jovanka Bakaric
Robert and Gloria Baker a tribute to Our Friend Gary Allred
Terry and Sandra Baker
Helen Balaz in memory of Husband Mike Balaz, Parents Mary & Joe Holcek
Valerie Balazs in memory of Bob Balazs
Balderson Family in memory of Fell & Lucille Balderson
Doreen Balderson in memory of Forrest Balderson
Gordon and Louise Balderston in memory of Steve & Annie Fudra
Mary C. Balfour in memory of Sig Balfour
Balog Auction Services Inc. in memory of Louis & Irene Balog
Prisca Baptista
Jerry and Ann Baran in memory of Mike & Rose Baran, Frank J. Kubik (Jr.)
Donna Bareham in memory of Hal Bareham
Evelyn Battle in memory of Russ & Gary
Lorraine Beaton in memory of Johanne Wentworth
Terry and Claire Beaton
Dieter and Murial Bechtold in memory of Ingrid Brown & Ken Blair
Jason and Michelle Belcourt in memory of All the Parents & Grandparents Who Predeceased Us
Clarence Beler
Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks #224
Lois Benson in memory of Harold Benson
Shirley Beres in memory of Leslie G. Beres
Dave Bergen
Delores Berte in memory of Margaret & Arthur Berte
Mary Bevers In Memory Of John Bevers
Kim Biesheuvel
Big Bend Farming Co Ltd
Ivan and Orma Bigford in memory of Judy Ivison
Ruth Bilbija in memory of Bette Smithson
Elizabeth Bjornson Hale
Richard and Joyce Blasco
Elizabeth Bligh in memory of Doug Bligh
BlueGrass Farming Co Ltd
Mary Boon
Julie and David Boras a tribute to Joseph Mantello
Wendy and DJ Borthwick in memory of Jady Sharp
Anna Maria Bortolussi in memory of Ferruccio Bortolussi
Bert and Marlene Bosch in memory of Joe & Rika Bosch, Jim & Marie Arthur, Jean Gergel
Peter and Ann Bosker in memory of Ann Van der Beek
BJ Boulton-Gunn In Memory Of Wayne Boulton
Norman and Susan Bowsher
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Braden in memory of Bronty & Jean Braden, Michael & Adlaide Papp
Lori Braden in memory of Lynn, Peggy and Maggie Cannady
Doug and Lori Braden in memory of Vera Braden
Robert and Rosemary Brand in memory of Baby Brand
Johanna and Stan Brecka in memory of Bert & Joan Hillebrand, Katie & John Brecka
Vlad and Cathryn Brecka In Memory Of John & Katie Brecka
Sheila Bright in memory of Kenneth Bright
Kevin and Mary Briltz in memory of Ovide & Yvonne Bourret, Peggy Bollinger
Judith J. Briscoe in memory of Norman Briscoe
Randall and Diane Briscoe In Memory Of Muriel & Don Pyers, Julia Briscoe, Norma & John Belanger
Ethel Broderson in memory of Lloyd Broderson
Walter & Mary Brodowski
Shane and Melanie Brooks In Memory Of Al Brooks & Earl Palmer
Priscille A. Brown in memory of James E. Brown, Remi & Blanche Breault
Harold Brown in memory of Nancy Brown, wife
Marla Brown In Memory Of Bob Brown
Alda Brown
Georgia Brownell In Memory Of Jervis & Mark Brownell
Frieda Bruns in memory of Darryl Hahn
Shirley M. Bryant in memory of Elwood E. Bryant
Shirley Bulva a tribute to Barb McRae
Ruth Burbank in memory of Dr. Geo Gray
Dale (James) and Phyllis Burnett


C. H. Andrews Farms Ltd in memory of Joan & Budd Andrews
Carolyn Cahoon in memory of Lawrence Cahoon
Alan J. Cajka in memory of Brother John Robert Cajka, Father Joseph Cajka
June Cameron in memory of Gary Cameron
Canadian Union Of Public Employees #70
Janet M. Carriere in memory of Paul Barnett, Audrey Swanson, Bev Barva
Doug J. Carroll In Memory Of My Step Mom Hazel
Doug J. Carroll In Memory Of My Dad Walter
Ethel Chandler in memory of Bill Chandler
Marina Chapman in memory of Anthony Gardoz
Lorne Charlesworth
Buella Chervinski in memory of Leonard Chervinski & Ken Chervinski
Chinese Cultural Society Lethbridge and District
Marie Chiste in memory of Bruno Chiste
Anne M. Chiswick in memory of Les Chiswick
Leonard and Darlene Chogi in memory of Our Parents & Other Family Members
Linda J. Chorney in memory of Allie & John Dan White
Norman Chuen In Memory Of Sun, BowSim, George, Harry, Irene, Helen & Mary Chuen
Marjorie J. Clark
Norman and Yvonne Clarke in memory of John Clarke, Fernie & Irma Glass
Kathleen Cochrane in memory of Jack & Emma Cochrane, Alice Demers, Mits Nishiguchi
Robert and Caroline Comstock in memory of Ron Wagner
Peter and Jean Coninx In Memory Of Alex & Roza Chanda, Robert Labelle
Barbara Coninx In Memory Of Alex & Roza Chanda, Robert Labelle
William H. Cook in memory of Audrey Cook
Eva Kaye Coppieters In Memory Of Jim Coppieters & Bill Coppieters
Omer and Olga Corbiere a tribute to Heart & Lung Troubled People
Jane & Lorna Cordeiro in memory of Edmond & Arthur Cordeiro
Lorna Cordeiro
Gary and Brenda Corns In Memory Of Sherry Gross
Lucille Cossins in memory of Reg & Beulah Salt, Diane Cossins
Robert Costanzo in memory of Frances Costanzo
Gerald and Julaine Coyne in memory of Coyne & Nagy Families
Donald Crabb in memory of Lily Marie Crabb
Robert D. Crabb In Memory Of Ken Crabb
Eileen Crane in memory of Our Parents
Catherine Crighton in memory of Husband Bill Crighton
Joyce Crittenden in memory of My Sister Audrey Morgan, Son-in-Law Real Rondeau
Joyce Crumley in memory of My Husband Mack Crumley
Annie Cudrak In Memory Of Frank Sr. & Ron Cudrak
Robert and Georgia Cuell in memory of Cuell & Chogg Family
Rick Czarny in memory of Walter & Jean Czarny, Helen & Yvonne Boettcher


Tony and Laurie D'Agnone in memory of Roy Sewers, John & Philomena D'Agnone, Nick D'Agnone, Ben D'Agnone & Domenico D'Agnone
Shirley Daku in memory of Steve Daku
Betty R. Dalton in memory of Ray Dalton
Richard and Denise Davidson in memory of Scotty Duchan
Barbara Davies in memory of Charles Davies
J. Chester Davis In Memory Of Dr. Gerald Wright
Ruth Daw in memory of Keith Lyon
Chris de Bruin in memory of Mollie de Bruin
John and Sandra De Groot In Memory Of Ted DeGroot
Jack De Wit in memory of Johanna De Wit
Steven, Lori & John Deagle In Memory Of Naomi (Nancy) & Jim Adachi
Harold and Helen Deal in memory of Katie & Paul Berze, Henery & Clara Deal, Alivin Deal & Gord Tudor
Pat DeBoer In Memory Of Mom Margaret Hustad
Deerfield Colony Farming Co Ltd
Pat Deimuth, Ron McRae and Family in memory of Lawrence Deimuth & Glenn Anderson
Linda DeMaere In Memory Of Charlene Dunlop
Susan E. Demchuk
Donald Dempsey a tribute to Jean Dempsey resident at St Michaels
Richard Dietrich In Memory Of Matt & Annie Dietrich
Richard Dietrich In Memory Of Edward & Margaret Hopkins
Muriel Dillabough in memory of Wilson Dillabough
Karen Dillon in memory of Pat Dillon, Terry Herter, Sharon Asuchak
Barb Dinan in memory of Ed Dinan & Ron Fleming
Joseph and Grace Disabato In Memory Of Maria & Cesare Dinatale, Joe Zappone & His Father Frank Zappone
Linda Dixon in memory of Rob
Noel and Noreen Docherty in memory of John & Elsie McGee
Karen A. Doepker in memory of Maurice Doepker
Douglas Dolman
Mr. and Mrs. M. W.l Donahue in memory of Bill & elsie Stones, Bud & Charlotte Donahue
Patricia Donnelly a tribute to Nurses
Don Doram & Family in memory of Lynne Doram, Brendon Gorrill, Bill & Hattie Doram, Grace & Oliver Long, Bob Doram, Dave Forbes, Dr. G.H. Forbes
Vicki Dorchak in memory of Stewart, Lynne & Heather Dorchak
Shari Dorscheid in memory of Tyler Mertz
Dave and Linda Dougherty in memory of Wyatt Mabie, Stu Mabie & Mom Arrowsmith
George and Robyn Dowson in memory of Rick Petrone
James and Marion Doyle in memory of Violet Broder
Mr. and Mrs. Clair Drain in memory of Donald Jones
Tseten Drawu In Memory Of Kesang Drawu
Judy Droessler in memory of Bertha & Ray Gill
Darlene and Roger Duchcherer a tribute to Sandra Doerksen
Mel and Liz Duda in memory of Our Parents & Sister
Sandor and Irene Dudas
Janet Dudley in memory of Phyl - Ross Nilsson, Pat - Bud Berndt, Doug Dudley
Gloria DuMontier In Memory Of Daniel & Iris DeBoer
Patricia Dunlop
Howard Dunn & Family in memory of To Our Angel in Heaven Louise Dunn
Chris and Michelle Dunn
Darren, Jackie, Amber, Jamye In Memory Of Louise Dunn
Darren, Jackie, Amber, Jamye A Tribute To Howard Dunn
Duff and Judy Dunsmore in memory of Olivia & Linda Wiest, Helen Dunsmore
Marie-Luise Dyck
Walter and Kelly Dyck


Sandra and Terry Earl a tribute to Our Dear Families, for Good Health in 2018.
East Cardston Farming Co. In Memory Of All Loved Ones
Anna Eggert in memory of Paul Eggert
Mrs. P.K. Eichelbaum
Irene Eldridge and Denis Lavigne in memory of Raymond Eldridge
Jake Elfring & Kerby Elfring in memory of Harriet
Dr. Harold Elke
Daniel Ell in memory of Mildred Erickson
Arthur and Arlene Ell
Wally & Joyce Ellingson in memory of David Ellingson
Lorraine Elliott in memory of Roy, Edie & Bob Rutledge, Ron Elliott
Elmspring Farming Co
Auke and Ruth Elzinga in memory of Our Dear Departed Parents
Bob and Maxine Emery
Rhonda Enns in memory of Gary Stoffer
Rhonda Enns In Memory Of Gerry Ailsby
Rhonda Enns In Memory Of Norm Williams
Sandra Entwhistle In Memory Of Alan R. Entwhistle
Wally and Connie Evdokimoff in memory of Dr. G. Gregory Roberts, Patricia Valgardson, Lorna Mae Ell
M. Ezaki In Memory Of Harold Ezaki & Karen Ezaki


Mr. and Mrs. Walter Faber
Fairlane Farming Co. Ltd
Anne Fantin in memory of Ernie Fantin & Infant Bruce Fantin
Gary and Pat Farley
Nancy Farrell & Earl Burlingame in memory of Clarence Jensen
Matilda Farrington in memory of My Husband Don
Harvey Fath in memory of Muriel Fath
Arden and Sheryl Fath
Jane C. Fedoruk in memory of Meryle Ell
Kevin and Jane Fedoruk in memory of Titus Ell
Joe and Carol Fekete in memory of Lori Fekete, John & Vera Fekete, Harrisam & Lillian Hubbard, Arthur & Ellen Parker
Beverly Feregotto in memory of Anthony Feregotto
Amos Fettig in memory of John R. & Maria Fettig
M. Rita Filanti in memory of George & Charles Diamond
Robert Filatoff
Yvonne Filgas in memory of Stan, Ada, Margaret
David Findlay in memory of John & Eileen Findlay, Scott Nay, Fred & Elizabeth Jones
Arvid and Agnes Finell
Kaye Fisher in memory of My Sister Joan
Mr. and Mrs. A.J.L. Fisher
Robert and Lavone Flexhaug in memory of Gordon Pilling
Arnold and Dorothy Follinglo in memory of Mrs. Agnes Follinglo
Valerie C. Fong A Tribute To South Zone West Health Care Teams
Violet Fong & Family In Memory Of Sun, BowSim, George, Harry, Irene, Helen & Mary Chuen
Violet Fong & Family In Memory Of Lorne Fong
Nettie Forth in memory of My Husband Tom Forth
Janice M. Foster in memory of Myrtle & Stewart Knox
Arnold Francis
Pat Francis
Frank McInenly Auctions Ltd in memory of Agnes McInenly
Donald Frantz in memory of Patty Frantz
Ron and Sharon Fraser In Memory Of Ale & Jean Fraser, Woodrow Hanson
Fraternal Order of Eagles, Ladies Auxiliary #2100 a tribute to Ashyr Cunliffe & Gracie Gulash
Judy Fukushima in memory of Harry
Patricia Funk in memory of Donald Funk


Mary Gadd In Memory Of Wayne R. Gadd
Dorothy M. Gallant In Memory Of James E. Gallant
Alistair and Tanis Garden
Ernest and Ella Mae Gardner in memory of David Gardner
Ronald and Bev Garnett in memory of Alec & Fern Anthony, Tom & Helen Garnett
Robert and June Garrett in memory of Families Who Passed On
James C. Garrett In Memory Of Maggie
Frank Gejdos in memory of Mother Mary Gejdos, Father Adam Gejdos, Sister Cathy Bradley
William and Elnore Gejdos in memory of Yvonne, Andrew, Zofia, John, Eva Gejdos
Constance M. Gelleny In Memory Of Thomas Geza Gelleny
Gemineu Welding Ltd In Memory Of Bob Fettig
Anna George in memory of Anna May Wharry & E. Alan George
George B. Lomas Professional Corporation
Diana Geremia in memory of Gerald (Butch) Geremia, Lynne Dorchak, Cheryl Dangerfield, David & Mike Wiest
Michael and Donna Gerlinsky in memory of Brittany Gerlinsky
Irene T. Gibos in memory of Deceased Gibos Family
Helen C. A. Gibos a tribute to Gibos Family
Ian Gillespie in memory of Hector Gillespie, Teresa Gillespie
Dale and Kathy Gillis in memory of Stephanie Gillis - Our Sweet Baby Girl
Ross and Brenda Gilmore in memory of Harold & Irene Radu, John Gilmore
Catherine and John Gleason In Memory Of Our Parents, Brother & Sisters, Special Uncles
Borys and Albina Gleb in memory of Our Parents
Mark Goettel in memory of Andy
Gold Spring Farming Co. Ltd
Ed and Marion Gouw In Memory Of Daughter Cheryl Henlisia, Grandson Connor Henlisia & Our Parents, Dear Friend Audrey Keegstra
Kenneth and Mary Graham
Mr. and Mrs. A. Graspointner
Dwight Gray in memory of Sheila Going
Dwight Gray in memory of Sheila Going
Denise, Wayne & Family; Darrell, Brenda & Family; Deb, Wayne & Family; Dwight In Memory Of Our Parents, James & Helen Gray
Keith and Jeanette Greeno in memory of Slawek & Helen Blech, Forest Greeno
Greenwood Farming Co Ltd
Greenwood Farming Co Ltd
Marlene Grinnell a tribute to Brad Grinnell, Ida & Chris De Jong Sr., David De Jong, Chris De Jong Jr.
Huib and Lena Groenenboom in memory of Timothy & Dennis
Jake and Elizabeth Groenenboom
Groenenboom Land & Cattle Company Ltd.
Gruca Family In Memory Of Family & Friends That Have Passed
Steve & Yola Gruca In Memory Of Edna Turner
Mike Gruninger
Ronald and Kathy Gschaid
Doreen M. Gyorkos in memory of John Gyorkos, Arthur & Charlotte Hughes, Annie & Stephen Gyorkos


H.H. Smith Ltd.
Mary Habdas in memory of Clara & Bruno Galicia, Cobbler Habdas, John Habdas, Butch Hill Terry Habdas
Kathleen A. Hadlington in memory of All Hadlington Family Members
Robert and Janet Hagerty in memory of Judy Hunter
John Hall
Rita Halma In Memory Of Janet Halma
Ron and Kim Hammerstedt in memory of Dr. Walter Gray
Richard and Joyce Haney in memory of My Dad John Mehalko & Grandson Branden Vanderberg
Alida Hanhart in memory of Peter Hanhart
Vincent Hanlon in memory of Tim Hanlon
Clifford L. Hansen in memory of Jean & Dale
John and Alice Haraga in memory of Mr. & Mrs. I. Haraga, Mr. & Mrs. D. Buis
Ken Haraga
Frederick G. Hare in memory of Darlene Hare RPA
Karen Hargrave in memory of Lee Hargrave
Lamont Harker in memory of Bill & Verda Hamilton
Margaret A. Hart In Memory Of My Late Husband Orrin E. Hart - Claresholm
Helen L. Hartley in memory of Douglas Hartley
Math and Dorothy Harty in memory of Alex & Sophia Kanig Family, Frank & Mary Harty Family
Roger and Chris Harty in memory of Jake, Irene & Susan Harty
Ann Harty in memory of Parents
Bobbi Harvey In Memory Of Bertha Glass & Dorinne Ruston
Toshiko Hase in memory of Dr. Shoji Hase
Shawn Hass
Linda Haynes in memory of Ron Haynes
Karen Heaton in memory of Bob Heaton
Robert and Evelyn Heckenlaible a tribute to Jack Ady Cancer Ward
Jerry and Denise Heerink in memory of G. Heerink
Dr. Peter J. Heffernan A Tribute To In Special Gratitude to Dr. Stephen Kwan
Henry Heinen in memory of John Visser Jr.
Gerty Heinen A Tribute To LRH Nursing Staff
David and Glynis Heitman in memory of Our Parents Dan, Ralph & Doris
Margaret Held in memory of Ross Held
Vaughan and Marilyn Hembroff
Scott Henderson in memory of Bev Henderson
Richard Henderson in memory of Teresa Henderson & Grace Wright
Kay M. Henke In Memory Of Heinz Henke
Marvin and Helene Henrickson a tribute to Leona Dilse
Mike and Sharla Herauf in memory of Adrien Stensrud & Maria Herauf
Gerda and Gudrun Hesse a tribute to Peggy & Ed Meger, Dr. Wendy Takeda, Sharon & Brian Wright
Gordon Heyland in memory of Dan Heyland
Shirley N. Higa In Memory Of Tom Higa
Earl and Edna Hill in memory of Derrick Hill
Ralph Himsl
Sharla Hirsche
Marian Hobberstad in memory of Hans Hobberstad
Patrick and Connie Hochstein in memory of Deceased Cancer Victims
Sandra Hoffarth in memory of Reuben Steinkey & Richard Hoffarth
Norah Hofforth in memory of Felix Hofforth
Neeltje C. Hofman in memory of J. Meyn
Dick and Eleanor Hofman in memory of Lawrence Van Egmond
Stan and Polly Hollingsworth in memory of Irene & Emearl Forsyth, Howard & Annegien Hollingsworth, Rob Forsyth
Willy and Hildegard Holz
Robin and Sharon Hood A Tribute To Our Grandchildren
Gordon and Leona Hopkins
Grant Hopp in memory of Janice Edith Hopp
Lynne Horsfall In Memory Of Evelyn McCartney & Etta Walker
Harold and Ermine Howell
Norman Howg in memory of Arlene Howg
Alex How in memory of Mr. Roy How
Georgette Hricise In Memory Of Bill Hricise
Violet Hucik in memory of William Hucik
Robert and Shirley Huddlestone in memory of Tillie Huddlestone, Francis & Bill Bolokoski
Irene Hudson In Memory Of Grandson Dana
Maxine Hufnagel in memory of Frank Hufnagel
Gwyn Hughes in memory of Rusty, Harley, Missy & Monty Hughes
Mrs. A. Hulse in memory of Ulva A. Hulse
Hummel Dairy Ltd.
Eva Mae Humphreys in memory of Dick Humphreys
Hutterian Brethren Church of Blue Ridge
Hutterian Brethren Church of the Shadow Ranch


Rumiko Ibuki a tribute to Tamiko Ohno
Akira and Lorita Ichikawa in memory of Michael
Gertrude Ingraham in memory of My Loving Husband Gordon Ingraham
Mary Insley in memory of Son Donald Rollack
International Police Association Canadian Section-Region 14
Chris and Arlene Irwin in memory of Helen Clease
Akiro Ito
Tosh Iwamoto


Claire Jack in memory of Ada & Clarence Emard
Joyce Jacobsen in memory of Egon & Thea Jacobsen, Judy (Jacobsen) Howe
Frances R. Janecke
Marshall and Evangeline Jaremco
Jay Farms Ltd
William Jenkins In Memory Of Selma Jenkins
Ken and Linda Jensen in memory of Ches Jensen
Lorraine Jensen in memory of Clarence & Bruce Jensen
Derek Jensen in memory of Lola Wnek
Keith Jensen
Blair and Merle Jespersen In Memory Of Jarrett Jespersen
Dennis and Sharon Jobe
Ivy Joevenazzo in memory of The Joevenazzo Family Who Have Passed On
Chris and Yumi Johnson in memory of Setsuko Edgar
George and Pam Johnson in memory of Shirley & Jim
Greg Johnston in memory of Cheryl Johnston
Garry and Sharon Jones
H.A. Jorgensen
Joe and Barbara Juhasz in memory of Hazel Madison
Brenda and Robert Jurgens in memory of Tanya, Mom & Poppy


K-Ying Po Lethbridge & District Chinese Senior Citizens Soci
Mike Kado in memory of Shizuo Kado, Tokuyo Kado
Regina Kameyama In Memory Of Jerry Kameyama
Isabella Kana in memory of Norman Kana & Edna Webber
Esther Kanegawa in memory of Stan & Sadae Kanegawa
Ann Kanig in memory of Linnea Barnett
Lawrence and Patricia Kapalka in memory of Eileen & Veno Pozzi
Karen Karbashewski and Link in memory of Bill & Barb Karbashewski
George and Carol Karl
Sherry Kast in memory of Lawrence Kast, John Kast, Lyla Kast, Dee Morris, Marie Morris
Isabel Katona In Memory Of Paul Katona
Victor and LaVerne Kaupp in memory of Margaret Roe
Jean Kay In Memory Of Gordon Kay
Steve and Tami Keiver in memory of Gary Cameron & Marion Keiver
Jill Kellerman
Ken and Deb Kellett
Patrick and Suzan Kelly in memory of Janet and Fred Macura
Maureen Kemble in memory of Mary Lou Ellert
Robert J. Kemp in memory of Doreen Kemp
Lorne and Lyn Kester in memory of Clarence & Marie Kester
Alan and Roberta Kimber in memory of Kimber & Forbes Families
Kinette Club of Coaldale
Carol King in memory of William King
Kings Lake Hutterian Brethren in memory of Logan Tait
Ian & Mary Ann Kinnell in memory of Our Parents
Daisy Kinniburgh in memory of Fred
Sandra Kinniburgh in memory of Ring, Barbara Ewen
Ed and Joan Kiprick in memory of Albert Hagel
Marvin Kirchner in memory of Lorraine Kirchner
Sandra Kirk A Tribute To Ard Biesheuvel, Bruce Carbert, Irene Dersch, Jaclyn Dudas, Katrina Hurdle, Garth Johnson, Victoria Karmali, Leta Layton, Taryn Rodzinyak
Ron Kiss
Ken Kitagawa in memory of Mrs. Sue Kitagawa
Chelsey Kitaguchi
Donald Kjinserdahl
Jake and Erna Klassen in memory of Frank Sera
Alfred and Patrice Klassen in memory of Mary Klassen
John and Alice Klassen
John and Anneliese Klassen
Shirley Klatt In Memory Of Yoshiomi Kabayama
John and Kathleen Klemen In Memory Of Arlene Howg, Steve Sr. & Rose Klemen
Charlotte Knapek in memory of Vern & Mildred Parker
Knights of Columbus 5726
Garry and Linda Kohn in memory of Mac Nishiyama
Katherine Kolaric in memory of Simon Overes
Audrey Kolk in memory of Albert Kolk
John and Cheryl Kormos in memory of Les Beres, Harley Seward, Frank & Luci Seward, Bert & Mary Kormos, Bert & Maggie Kormos
Pauline Kostek In Memory Of My Husband Kas Kostek and My Son Michael Kostek
Alice Kostelansky in memory of Wally
Jill Kotkas in memory of Dear friend & partner Delwin Galts
Catherine Koyanagi in memory of Family & Friends
Kiyo Koyanagi in memory of Walter Koyanagi
James Krause in memory of Jean Krause
Stan and Phyllis Kruszewski
Anne Krystoff in memory of Robert Krystoff
Randy Kuehn In Memory Of Wes & Dorothy Kuehn
Rose Kuizenga in memory of Henk Kuizenga
James L. Kulka in memory of Mrs. June Kulka
Yvonne Kunyk in memory of Zane Kunyk
Henry Kurina in memory of Barbara Kurina
Tess Kuryvial


Rhea L. Lacelle in memory of Howard Bev Lacelle
Barbara G. Lanczik In Memory Of Karel Lanczik
Ina Kathleen Langley in memory of Ernie Romans
Ethel R. Langridge in memory of Husband Bert Langridge, Daughter Ruth Dragland, Grandson Brent Dragland
Eric and Nelly Large
Barb Larson In Memory Of Ike Thiessen
Barb Larson A Tribute To Andrew Hunt
Ed and Julie Lastuka in memory of Nick & Mary Ann Lastuka
Mary-Jo Lastuka & Dan Brandon In Memory Of Vern Brandon
Linda Laturnus in memory of Michael Laturnus, Vera Telenga
Patricia Lawson in memory of John E. Lawson
Geri Lawson In Memory Of Ernie Lawson
Sharon Lawson In Memory Of John Lawson & Clarence Cluff
Allan and Edna Layton
Mary Leach in memory of Roy
Donald and Marie Leahy in memory of Patcee Leahy Jensen
Helga & Dan Ledene in memory of Mike & Wanda Djordjevic
Marvin and Louellen Lee in memory of Sarah & Roland Poulette, Wm & Jessie Lee, Edward Lee, Brady Hall, Dorothy Hoult
Rod Lengyel in memory of Emma Lengyel
Lily Leong in memory of Edwin Leong, Uncle Gitt, John & Ida Leong
Douglas Leong in memory of Mom & Dad, Uncle Gitt & Edwin
Stan J. Lewicki
Ethel Lewicki In Memory Of Richard (Dick) and Lois Bartlett
Stanley J. Lewis
Elaine M. Liebelt & Southern Accord Chorus
Molly Liggett in memory of William Liggett
Frank Lightbound a tribute to Medical Staff Day Procedures
Darwin C. Linn in memory of Marguerite
Ruth Liska in memory of My Parents
Gordon and Rosemarie Litwin in memory of George, Rose & Evelyn Litwin
Darlene Locke In Memory Of Albert & Helen Perini
John, Sheryl, Kylar & Colby Loman In Memory Of Steve Juris
Ken and Helen Lomas in memory of Lisa Tetzlaff
Lomond Farming Co
Judith Ann Long in memory of George Troxel
Alice Long In Memory Of Norman & Brian Long
Ernest and Delvoir Longair in memory of Mom & Dad, Randy & Dorothy
Corinne Lorenz In Memory Of Rebecca Lorenz
Leah and Troy Lougheed in memory of Grant Christenson, Marlene Lougheed, Charles Ott
Pat Lowell in memory of Keith Lowell
Linda Lubbers In Memory Of Harm & Antonetta Lubbers
Neben & Lumsdens a tribute to Karl Neben
Warren Lyckman
Ben and Joanne Lydom
Irene D. Lynes In Memory Of Nicole Burton, Randy Burton, Candy Burton
Marion Lynn in memory of Donald Lynn


Margaret MacDonald in memory of Erwin MacDonald
Frank and Agnes Machacek in memory of Deceased Parents
Roderick and Sue MacKay in memory of Our Parents
Tami and Kevin MacLean in memory of Gramma & Grampa Takeda
Janine MacMurchy in memory of Jay Peterson
Robert and Wendy MacPhail a tribute to To all young people suffering openly or silently with mental illness
Jean Maguire In Memory Of Wally Maguire
Mike and Maureen Mahon in memory of Cathy Salm
Darrel and Mable Maisey
Margaret Malmberg in memory of Clare Malmberg
Betty Malo in memory of Patrick Malo
Jackie Malowski in memory of Murray (Mouse) Malowski
George Mann in memory of Nellie Mann, Laurin Marie Mann
Kay Mann
Julie Manning in memory of Marshall Manning, Mike Miskulin, Jim Kato
Lee Mapplebeck
Steve and Brenda Markus In Memory Of Margaret & Steve Markus Sr., Margaret Mary Markus, Paul & Joe Markus
Steve and Brenda Markus A Tribute To Doctors, Nurses, All Staff at Hospital, EMS & STARS, 911 Operators & Responders
Eldon and Karen Maronda a tribute to Mrs. Margaret Ost
Emily Martens in memory of Ernie Martens
Martha s House A Tribute To Our Residents & Staff
Harold and Ella Martin in memory of Alex & Mary Martin, Tobias & Emelia Klein
John and Phyllis Martin in memory of Deceased Family
Jan Martin a tribute to The Hospital Staff All Departments
Mineo Masuda In Memory Of Koura Masuda
Herb and Helga Matis in memory of Dr. Sean Mortimer
May S. Matsumiya in memory of Jennifer
Flora Matteotti in memory of Val Matteotti & Frank St. Amand
Bud & Pat McAlister in memory of Phil Boon, Terry Granberg, Jack Pettinger
Grant and Diane McAlister
Denis McCarthy in memory of Bev Hunt
Sarah W. McColl in memory of My Husband Andrew McColl, My Mother Mary, Jack Betty
Richard McCollister in memory of Nova McCollister & Denise McCollister
Lorraine McCulloch in memory of Peter McCulloch
Keith & Joyce McCurdy in memory of Son-In-Law Merle Waterfield
Sharon McDermid in memory of Allan, Mary & Bob Doughty, Peter McDermid
Ralph and Margaret McDougall
Linda McElravy in memory of Cora Hastings
June McGlenn in memory of Edith Carter
Jenny McIlroy in memory of Earl McIlroy
Rev. Aldeen McKay in memory of William McKay, Marjorie McKay
A. J. McKenzie in memory of Beverley John Eves
Lois McKillop In Memory Of Bud McKillop
McKillop Enterprises Ltd
Carol Ann McLean in memory of Bob & Alice McLean, Rusty McLean, Bruce Schweigert, Shaela Goff
Maud McLean in memory of Kim McLean
Carolyn McLennan in memory of My Parents Carl & Nina Sindlinger
Stewart A. McLeod in memory of Dorothy
Doug and Judith McLeod
Delores McMurren in memory of Roy McMurren
Richard and Phyllis McNutt In Memory Of Merlin & Irene Adams
Alan and Lorna McPherson in memory of Doug & Joan McPherson
Ken and Barbara McRae in memory of Keagan Phillips
Chuck and Marilyn Mears in memory of All dear relatives & friends
Anne Megyes in memory of Joe Megyes, Janet Megyes
Maxine Mehalko in memory of Joe Mehalko
Shirley Meier in memory of Joe Meier
Patti Meier in memory of Tony Meier
Dirk Ment in memory of John, Hilda, & Cor Ment
Joe Meszaros
Norman L. Metz in memory of Margaret J. Metz & David J. Metz
Wayne and Diana Michaelis In Memory Of Griffin Slawson
Carol Mickanuik in memory of Mike Mickanuik
R. M. Middleton in memory of Mrs. Mary Hall, Lethbridge
Mary Mihalik in memory of George Mihalik
Dennis and Pat Mikalson in memory of Kathy Wall
John A. Milder In Memory Of Joseph Milder
Betty Miller in memory of Frank Miller
Lorne Miller & Family in memory of Mrs. Frances Miller, Mr. Wallace Burfield III
Zorka Millo in memory of Nereo Millo
Miltow Farming Co Ltd
Brenda and Richard Mitchell in memory of Stephen & Jennifer
John and Jean Miyanaga
Geraldine Miyashiro in memory of Seiko & Frank
Joyce Miyashita in memory of Robert Brown, Jock & Nina Brown, Shizuma & Toshiko Miyashita, Tom Miyashita
Mrs. Bruce Moffat a tribute to Gerry & Sue Kyllo, Art Reule
Fred and Elaine Molyneux in memory of Willa & Bryce Geddes
Eilleen Monaghan & Family in memory of Patrick Monaghan
Anne Mooney in memory of Lloyd Flaws
Barbara Moore in memory of Gordon Moore
Barry Morgan in memory of Cy & Louise Morgan
Jack Morgan in memory of Jack & Elsie Morgan, Joan Morgan
Joe K and Marion Mori in memory of Family & Dear Friends
Betty Moriyama a tribute to Betty Moriyama
I. Morningstar in memory of Patrick Morningstar
Georgia Morris in memory of Donald Morris
Carol Morris in memory of G. Wallace Maguire
Norman and Patricia Morrison in memory of Our Parents
Mike and Leokadia Moscianica A Tribute To For the Healing of Leokadia (Loretta), My Wife
Anne Motycka in memory of John Motycka
George and Shirley Mowat a tribute to Don Mowat
MPE Engineering Ltd. in memory of Lee DeBoer
Mary Rose Mrazek in memory of Dr. Richard M.S. Mrazek & Dolores Brown
Estelle Mueller in memory of Dr. Ian & Ellen Wright, Jordan Figenshau
Doug and Elaine Mueller in memory of Laurie Mueller
John and Claire Mueller In Memory Of Our Mothers
Derrill and Pearl Murphy a tribute to My Family
Robert and Patricia Murphy In Memory Of John Kapalka
Fred and Irene Myers in memory of Frank & Barbara Myers, Tamara Barber
Teri Myhre in memory of Andrew Tansowny
Melvin Mykytiuk in memory of Nick & Stella Mykytiuk
Joe and Helen Myndio In Memory Of Wes, Fumi, John Jasiukiewicz & Anna Myndio


Ida Nadeau in memory of Husband Marcel Nadeau
Tomoko and Sachio Nagahama
Mary M. Nago in memory of Bob & Ian
Peggy Nakama in memory of Mike & Margaret Zmurchyk
Roy and Minie Nakatsuru in memory of George Nakatsuru
William and Ruth Nalder
Jim and Tovi Nalder In Memory Of Barbara & Sherwin Nalder, Ron Nalder, Julie Zilinski, William & Francis Bolokoski, Tillie Huddlestone
Mrs. Ramdasia Narain in memory of Kumar Narain
Dennis & Joanne Nay in memory of Eileen & John Findlay, Elizabeth & Fred Jones, Scott Tyler Nay
Karen and Don Needham a tribute to Nolan Needham
Adam and Marlyn Negrych
Loretta Nekich In Memory Of Beloved Grandson Michael
Ron Nelson in memory of Mom, Dad, Brother
Edna Neufeldt in memory of Peter Neufeldt
Phil and Sonia Nicas in memory of Michael
Marjorie B. Niedzwiecki in memory of Albert
Owen J. Niehaus In Memory Of Frank Niehaus
Kenneth F. Nielsen
Mary Nieuwendyk
Mary Nieuwendyk
Murielle Nikles in memory of Greg, Hunter, Andy
A. Nishikawa in memory of Harold Nishikawa
Betty E. Nishimura in memory of Yo Nishimura
Reyko Nishiyama in memory of Mac Nishiyama & Fumi Sugimoto
Karen Nishiyama In Memory Of Mac Nishiyama
Anne Norgardt in memory of Lewis & Greg Norgardt
Phil and Freda North in memory of C.B. North, Hazel North


Shannon O'Sullivan in memory of Shauna, Betty & Jack O
Oaklane Farming Co Ltd
Douglas & Shirley Ober in memory of Ramond & May Sprinkle, Ben & Lela Ober
Bernard and Hanna Odland in memory of Our Parents
Allan Odland A Tribute To Evelyn Odland in Edith Cavell
Erna Oelke in memory of Herman Oelke
Mitsuko Oga & Family in memory of Husband and Father Takumi Oga
Setsuko Ohno in memory of My Dear Husband Kaz
May Ohno In Memory Of Shig Ohno & Family, Friends Who Have Passed Away
H. Oishi In Memory Of Yoichi Oishi & Mary Huumonen
H. Oishi A Tribute To Stanley Peters
Lilly Oishi In Memory Of Yoshiyuki Oishi, Mr. & Mrs. Shinkichi Mori
Margaret Onda in memory of My Husband John
Alex and Irene Onody In Memory Of Dodie Allers
Optical Studio
Lynn Orsten In Memory Of Russ & Mildred Honess, Sigurd & Elsie Orsten
Jennie Osborn in memory of Tom Osborn
Bryan & Skip Oseen in memory of Roy Oseen & Kendra Larson
Marie Oseen In Memory Of Shaun Oseen, Son-Brother-Uncle
Deeidra Ott in memory of Boyason Ott, Jean & Jack Butlin
Georgia Otway In Memory Of Ernie Otway
Allan Ouwerkerk in memory of Dave Trautman
Charles E. Owen in memory of Jeanne Owen
Owen Oil Services Ltd in memory of Dorothy Brehmer
Vera Owsley and Family in memory of Mick Owsley, Debbie Johannsen


Mr. and Mrs. Irwin C. Packham in memory of Joe Schmidt Fort Macleod AB
Danica Pahulje
Ed and Marg Pardoski in memory of Mary & Alec Jozsa
William Parkinson
Ray and Donna Pascal
Lorraine Paskuski in memory of Clay Card, Igor Stern, Ruth Cuthbert, Jean Staudinger
Ron and Helen Paulence in memory of Our Mothers
Frank and Mary Ann Pavka in memory of Lisa Foote
Laddie and Anne Pavka In Memory Of Pam Vander Heide, Pauline Venechuk, Dr. J. Rahael
Kristen Bidinger in memory of Arlene McKay
Drusilla C. Pearson a tribute to All Nurses and Carers
Linda Pedersen in memory of Kent Pedersen
Leonard N. Pedersen
Arnold Pederson In Memory Of Carlo & Maria Malesan
Harry and Irene Penner in memory of Jacob J. (Jake) Klassen & Mary Klassen
Judy Penner In Memory Of Bob Penner
Dora Layng in memory of Dr. James Layng
Shelly Ann Perini in memory of Tito & Joyce Perini
Bob & Sharee Perlich
Oliver L. Perry in memory of Mildred Irene Perry (Cox) St Michaels School of Nursing Class of 1956
Lila & Bill Peterson in memory of Aggie & Larry Mitchell
Doug and Teresa Petriw In Memory Of Our Parents
Danielle Phair in memory of Bea Kidd
Karl and Theresia Philipp
Verdelle Piccini in memory of Enzo Piccini
Picture Butte & District Lions Club in memory of Jon Stevens & Bert McAdoo
Ivy D. Pierson In Memory Of Maynard Pierson
John and Frances Pigat in memory of Monica Christina Pigat
Pincher/Cowley Roaring Lions Club
LeLandera Pirot in memory of Albert Pirot & Milton Hanson
Stan and Joan Pisko In Memory Of Pat Sullivan
Plainview Hutterian Brethren
Naomi Plausteiner in memory of Nim & Fumi, Doug & Chris Sugimoto
Harold and Edna Plumpton In Memory Of Tony
Clara Poberznick in memory of Nick Poberznick
Bernie and Joanne Pohl In Memory Of Harry & Annelise Pohl
Eveline Polczer in memory of Joe Polczer
Amy E. Poleschuk in memory of Husband Alex
Robert and Brenda Pollock
Ponderosa Colony Farming Co Ltd
Mr. & Mrs. L. Poriz in memory of Janet Macura
Doreen Potvin in memory of Robert Potvin, Linda Russell, Ron & Frank Johnson, Eva & Bob Wilson
Helen C. Poulton In Memory Of The Poulton Family in Coleman, Alta
Prairiehome Colony Farming Co Ltd
Michael and Edna Pratt
Brian & Helen Prevost in memory of Ernest Beck
Greta Prihodko in memory of My Parents and My Sisters Lily, Eleanor & Vi
Rose L. Primachuk In Memory Of Husband Bill & Parents Alex & Helen Palmarchuk
Carolyn Primrose
Steve Prokop in memory of Evelyn Prokop
Alexander Psikla In Memory Of Marjory Psikla
Alexander Psikla A Tribute To Larry & Pat Oseen, Lorne & Virgina Smith
Duane and Pamela Ptycia in memory of Peto & Marie Nicas


Dick and Mary Quon


Pat Ramage in memory of Marion & Rocky Robinson
Jim and Doris Ratke in memory of Our Parents
Brenda, Sandra, Barry & Families In Memory Of Shirley & Ray Ellis, Annie & George Polivka
Mom, Brenda Rauschenberger In Memory Of My Pretty Girl
Steve, Debbie & Mini Ellis In Memory Of Grandma Ellis
Maurice and Pauline Regimbald
Brent Reichert
Penny Reid in memory of John & Therese Howes
Katherine Reid in memory of Sheila Sprinkle & Bob Reid
Ben and Karen Reimer
William and Justina Reimer
Marcia and Lennox Reis in memory of Simone Reis Holland, Mom & Dad Clarise & Albert Nunes
Reliance Appraisal Consultants Ltd
Brenda and Robert Rennie
Richard and Wendy Reron in memory of Stephanie Gruca
Audrey Reti a tribute to Sandra & Jim Davidson
Bill and Andrienne Riehl in memory of Grandparents Riehl & Vander Linden
Richard and Ruth Rittenhouse in memory of Abraham & Elizabeth Rittenhouse, Frank & Alice Boyd, Son Randy, Grandson Brady
Dolores Robertson in memory of Alister Robertson
Jolayne Robinson
Robert Roe
Heather Roest in memory of Paul, Rose, Dick Roest
Wendy Romanchuk In Memory Of Fred & Myrtle Romanchuk
Romulus & Remus Italian Canadian Club
Rodger Rose
Glen C. Rourke in memory of Anita Rourke
Sharon Row in memory of Richard Row
Raymond Rowley in memory of Albert Rowley
Royal Canadian Legion Branch #170
Royal Canadian Legion Branch 46
Royal Canadian Legion Ladies Aux General Stewart Branch #4 in memory of Madeline Smith
Royal Canadian Legion, Barons Branch #160
Terry and Elaine Rusnack in memory of Kay McCallum & Sibylla Cranston
Patricia Russell in memory of David O. Russell
Frank Russell
Helen Ruston in memory of Fred & Annie Leverick, Melvin J. Ruston


Margaret Salis in memory of Lynne Maynard - Nanton
Leon and Verna Sallenback a tribute to Our Children, Grand Children & Great Grand Children
Mel and Pat Salmon in memory of Our Families Gone Before
Kenneth and Keiko Sampson in memory of Nim, Fumi, Doug & Chris Sugimoto
Bunny Samuelson
Jackie Sanderson in memory of Ed Sanderson
S. Mary Saruwatari In Memory Of Mitzi Ishida
Roy and Pat Sassa
Terry and Grace Sauchuk in memory of Henk & Dina Vloo
Jarmila Saunders in memory of Maxine Jensen
G. Sauve
Raymond Savidge in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Perry, Bonnie
Ken Sawicki in memory of Dorothy & Stan Sawicki, My Parents
Verner G. Scheu in memory of Margaret Scheu
Emma Schigelski
Douglas and Rhondda Schindeler in memory of Douglas Lewicki
Gerda Schlichter in memory of George, Adam & Elisabeth Schlichter
Jean C. Schmitt
Liz Schneyder in memory of Johnny Schneyder
Diny Scholten in memory of Gerrit Hendrik & Geertruida Stronks
John and Patty Schooten
Isobel Schuler in memory of Cliff Schuler, Inez Bogner
Dick J. and Brenda J. Schuler a tribute to Mrs. Jean Quelch & Staff & Residence of St. Michaels Health Centre & Martha House
Elaine (Craven) Scotney in memory of Brothers, Jack, Bob and Tom
Reginald Scotney in memory of My Parents, Norman & Fern Scotney
Elaine (Craven) Scotney in memory of My Parents, Tom & Gladys Craven
Reginald Scotney in memory of My Scotney & Soder Grandparents
Jada Scott in memory of Desmond Scott
Mr. & Mrs. Sydney Scott in memory of Desmond Scott
John D. Scott in memory of M.S. McBeth
Jerry & Linda Scott
Russell and Leora Scratch
John and Carol Seaman In Memory Of Ken Seaman, Ina & Nels Stephans
Marilyn Sebok In Memory Of George Sebok
Pauline Secretan in memory of Bill Secretan
Elizabeth Seiller in memory of Julius Seiller
Clark and Linda Selk in memory of Brad Selk
John Senneker in memory of Ann
Jetze and Henny Senneker
Zoltan and Ann Sera in memory of Parents Frank & Eszter Sera, Grand Daughter Kristina Archibald, Brother Les Bodie
Sumio Setoguchi
Harvey and Sandy Severtson in memory of Our Parents Harold & Clara Dupen, Harry Severtson
Gerri Shankland In Memory Of Mervin Shankland
Terry Shannon in memory of Norm Shannon, Bill & Katherine Gross
Alta Marie Shaw in memory of Don Funk
Jennifer and Robert Sheffield
Clifford Sheridan in memory of Kevin Sheridan
John and Wendy Sherman in memory of Gordon & Leah Gall, Andy Sherman
Joe and Mary Shigehiro in memory of Saburo & Shizuko Shigehiro, Giichi & Haruko Tomiyama, Jean, Bill & Kaz
Steve and Lillian Shimek a tribute to Our Families
Bing Shimoda in memory of Julie & Charles Shimoda
Dennis Shimoda in memory of Mom & Dad, Suzie & Charles
Irene Shippobotham in memory of Victor
Tomiko Shono
Marjorie Sinnott in memory of Francis Bonertz
Sam and Jackie Sirovyak in memory of Buck Brown, Jim Takahashi (Gone Fishing)
Keith and Helen Skippen in memory of Ed, Mary & Bill Dittman
Irene Skretting in memory of Arnold & Selmar Skretting
Ionne Skretting in memory of Gudmund Skretting
Doreen Skretting in memory of Torgny Skretting & Bev Skretting
Lorie Sloan In Memory Of Don Yuill
Jerry and Stania Slomkowski in memory of G.B. Krysa, S.J. Slomkowski, M.J. Kapalka, M. Krysa
Lyle and Eleanor Smith in memory of Earl Smith, Florence McIntosh, Alice Hummel, George Hummel
Francis and Cicine Smith in memory of Tom & Ouida McAdam, Paul & Madeline Smith
Larry and Danielle Smith a tribute to Mrs. Elma Koenig
Harold and Joan Smith
Betty I. Smith In Memory Of Louis Smith
G. Smithson
Paul and Diane Smyth & Family in memory of Stan Forczek, Al Hawley & Matthew de Casmaker & Ann Vander Beek
Leonard Snyder
Vern Soderquist in memory of Doreen Soderquist
Clayton Soice in memory of Dorothy & Gladys Soice
Shirley Sokvitne in memory of Signe Sokvitne
Carolyn Soop in memory of Kari-Lynn Jonel
Sosick Family in memory of Bill Sosick
South Country Jamboree Society
Emil and Bev Spengler in memory of Albert Spengler
R. Spohn In Memory Of Edna Pozzi, Donalda Farrell, Leonard Desjarlais
Roy and Sharon Spooner in memory of Our Parents
Glen and Bernice Sprague a tribute to RN Blaine Ironside, Red Deer Hospital
Norm and Virginia Sprinkle In Memory Of Clarence & Eleanor Jockims
Alberta St. Amand in memory of Frank St. Amand
Jennie and Don Stalker in memory of Our Parents Ed & Jennie Svrsek, George & Dorothy Stalker
Standoff Colony Farming Co Ltd
Barry, Mavis & Kate Stannard
Starbrite Colony Farming Co Ltd
Peter and Diane Starrenburg In Memory Of Mary Tymburski, Annie Starrenburg, Gerrit Starrenburg, Peter Tymburski
Judy & Dean Stetson
Clayton C. Stobbs in memory of Joyce E Stobbs
Ken and Sheila Stoddart in memory of Frank & Frances Croopper, Tom & Win Stoddart
Jenny Stolk In Memory Of Harry Stolk
Alojz and Ivka Straga in memory of Teresa Straga
Art and Eva Strain
Herman and Elizabeth Stroeve in memory of Eddy Stroeve
Joanne and Cliff Stroh A Tribute To EMTs, ER Staff & Doctors
Rhonda Stuckey in memory of Gordon & Liz Stuckey, Ada & Clarence Emard, Queyen Luu
Jim and Marlene Stuckey in memory of Lorianne Wentz
Diane Burt Stuckey
Tomiko Sugimoto In Memory Of Noboru, Brem & Fumi Sugimoto
Sunnysite Colony Farming Co Ltd
Shirley N. Sutherland in memory of Cindy Donaldson
Ron and Edith Svanes in memory of Isobel Wray & Mabel Svanes
Sandra Swailes in memory of Ed and Lois Swailes
Gordon Szpak in memory of Carol Szpak


Noris and Sachiko Taguchi in memory of our past loved ones
May Takahashi in memory of Joseph H. Takahashi
Fumiko Takahashi
Fugi Takeda in memory of Kinji Takeda
Thelma Talbot in memory of Marvin Talbot, Ross & Freda Main
Marlene Tanaka in memory of Richard Tanaka, Hahn Stowell, Rena Tanaka, Janet Carter
Brenda and Lester Tanner a tribute to Stroke Team
Masami and Rie Tatsuno
Keith E. Taylor in memory of Marion Taylor & Kevin Taylor
Anna Templin in memory of John Templin Sr.
Bill Teshima in memory of Yoshio & Kimie Teshima
The Butte Elks Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks 268 in memory of John Mehalko, Arnold Odegard
Ron and Kim Thibodeau in memory of Bud & Marg MacMurchy
Bob & Margaret Thole in memory of Mr& Mrs H. Takeda, Brother Jack
Bill and Joyce Thomas in memory of Barry Thomas
Cliff Thomas in memory of Mary Masako Thomas
Olive Thomas in memory of Mary Thomas
Cliff Thomas in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Morison Tanaka
Barbara Thompson in memory of Doug Thompsen, Bill Kennedy, Family & Friends
H. Floyd Thompson in memory of Ernest Cayer & Allan Johnston
Barbara Tiegs in memory of Ken Tiegs
Barbara Tiegs in memory of Paul Madge
Hazel Tilleman in memory of Harold Tilleman
Patrick and Arleen Todd in memory of Lisa Todd
Ken Tokuda
Lydia Tomasta in memory of Miro Tomasta & Karen Tomasta
Michael Tomaszewski
Suzi and Dorothy Tomita in memory of Loved Ones
Joe and Sumiko Tomiyama in memory of Friends Who Have Passed On
Maria Tonin a tribute to Petri's & Tonin's Parents
Dario and Helene Tonin In Memory Of The Antonio Tonin Family, Jake & Helen Kampen
Gary and Sheila Tonks in memory of Debra Butrenchuk
Karen Toohey in memory of Mom
Frank and Sharon Toth in memory of All Family Members We Have Lost
Bonnie Tovell in memory of My Mother Norma Wicks
Doreen Trapp in memory of Lloyd, John & Jessica Trapp
Tam Trinh
Helen Trockstad in memory of Leif Trockstad
Mr. and Mrs. T. Tsujita In Memory Of Mac Nishiyama
Donna Tufts
Marie and Daniel Turmel in memory of Noella & John Hand
Debra Turnbull in memory of Bill & Joyce Hoyt
Donna M. Turnbull in memory of Lee & Troy
Shirley Turner In Memory Of Richard (Dick) Turner, Leisha & Ryley Marino


John and Elizabeth Unger in memory of George & Elizabeth Dudas, Marta Allan, Michael Dudas
Frank and Elizabeth Uren in memory of Gwen Uren, Nick Veer
David F. Ursan in memory of Elenor Ursan


Larry and Marion Valgardson in memory of Ray Martin
Peter Van Beers
Grad and Annie Van Gaal in memory of John & Rita Burgwal
Della M. Van Gaalen in memory of Adrian Van Gaalen, Donna Vreeken, Galen Vreeken
Hieke Van Gunst in memory of Kaitlyn Hieke Ritz
John and Lien Van Hal a tribute to Our Grandchildren
Cornelis and Gerda Van Maanen
Gerard A. van Nistelrooy in memory of Annie van Nistelrooy
Jacoba Van Ree In Memory Of Mom & Dad Van Westenbrugge
Nellie Van Uden in memory of John Van Uden
April Van Vaerenbergh in memory of My Mom Mary Ann Hetfleis
Gary Van Voorst
Kathy Van Zeggelaar in memory of Gerrit Van Zeggelaar
Arthur Vance in memory of Juanita Vance
Jason VandenHoek & Kurt Schlachter in memory of Robert Miller, Blake Elliot, Lester Roth & Helen Miller
Jason VandenHoek in memory of Val Matteotti & Richard Hoffarth
Menzo Vander Deen
Hendrika Vander Linden in memory of Gus & Roger
George and Christine Vanderberg in memory of Brandon Vanderberg
John and Brenda VanderHeyden
Harry and Verna Vandersteen a tribute to Mr. Jerry Kiers
Frank and Anne Vandriel
Matty Vanee in memory of My Husband John Vanee, Lucas Boot
Helen Vaselenak In Memory Of John & Norman Vaselenak
Ed & Mel Vegter In Memory Of Melvin Andres
Christina Venhuis In Memory Of Husband Jakob, Son Trevor
Fred Veres
Dagney Vermunt in memory of Jessica Olson
Mr. and Mrs. R.S. Vickers in memory of Dorothy Murrell, Margaret Obrigewitch
Shirley Virostek in memory of My Husband George & all my family & friends who have passed on
Dick and Barb Visser In Memory Of Mient & Audrey Visser
Alice Vogt in memory of Paul Vogt
Paul & Marilyn Vornbrock in memory of Bobbi Gilstorf
Lloyd Vornbrock in memory of Judy Vornbrock
Rick Vornbrock in memory of Richard Vornbrock, Wilma Vornbrock, Ivan Ponjavic
John and Ann Vossebelt in memory of Dirk Pool
Bernice Voth in memory of Husband William R. Voth
Hank and Agnes Vredegoor In Memory Of Parents, Sisters & Brothers
Walter and Janice Vucurevich in memory of Our Parents


Randy and Cheryl Waddle
Ann Walker in memory of My Husband Robert S. Walker
Johan Wall
Frances Wallace in memory of James M.
Susan Walsh A Tribute To To Doctors & Nurses Who Tended to His Needs
Susan Walsh In Memory Of Edward Walsh
Carol Walter in memory of Gordon Walter
Mark Walton in memory of Margaret Walton
Jack Warkentine in memory of Frieda Warkentine
Bob Wasilenko in memory of My Dear Wife Iris Wasilenko
Norman and Connie Watmough In Memory Of Harry, Rose & Barbie Michaelis
Sylvia P. Weaselhead in memory of Frank Weaselhead
Joel and Kerri Weaver a tribute to The Weaver Family
Larry and Nina Weaver A Tribute To Joel & Kerri Weaver
Ray and Joyce Webber in memory of Leslie & Nellie Webber, John Schroeder
Doug Wedel In Memory Of Rayma Frache
John and Hilda Weing
Leo and Doreen Weinkauf
Jim and Carol Welby in memory of Carrie Marshall
Leonard and Carol Welling In Memory Of Annabelle
Dick and Gloria Wendel
Sandra J. White in memory of John Dan & Allie White
Clifford White in memory of Theresa Mary White
Anne Whiteside in memory of Henry & Isabel Mikkelsen
Verna M. Wiest in memory of Mike Wiest & David Wiest
Rick Wiest In Memory Of Reg Wiest & Gordon Evans
Darlene Wigley in memory of Terry Rioux, Kay Rioux, Debbie Ingoldsby & Rose Sturn
Eva Wikenheiser in memory of Victor Wikenheiser
Mr. & Mrs. M.G. Willcocks
Steven and Inge Williams
Willow Creek Farming Co Ltd A Tribute To All the Staff & Patients at the Hospital
Bill Willows & Cecile Quinlan
Dorothy E. Winter in memory of My Darling Husband Gerry & Parents
Mary L. Wishnevski
Mary Witdouck in memory of Ralph & Mark
Gerald L. Wobick in memory of Mary T. Wobick
Sheila Wojtowicz-Hudson in memory of Carl Wojtowicz
Bill Woloshyniuk
Harry and Ellen Wong in memory of Missed Loved Ones From Wong Family
Joan Elaine Wood in memory of Art Wood
Judy Workman in memory of Delbert Workman
Leona Wright in memory of Garald Wright & Rob Forsyth
Judith Wright in memory of The Meisser's
Glen and Patricia Wright In Memory Of Matthew & Kaitlyn Wright
Dean and Angie Wutzke in memory of John & Madeline



Ed Yalowega in memory of Janet Yalowega
Ken and Ruby Yamamoto in memory of Our Parents
Irene Yamamoto in memory of Sakatomi & Fusae Yamamoto
Brent Yamamoto
Craig Yamamoto
Dianne Yarmoloy in memory of Al Yarmoloy
Gary and Shelley Yates in memory of Margie & Gary Wyrostok, George & Agnes Roth, Brian Kaltenbruner
Thomas Yates in memory of Midge Yates
Rosemary Yee in memory of Husband Henry P. Yee
Ron & Kathryn Yoshida in memory of Our Parents
Don Young and Hazel Mitchell in memory of Our Parents Julie & Graham Mitchell, Robert & Alice Young
Ken & Jackie Young a tribute to AHS-Community Home Care Leth
Ken & Jackie Young a tribute to Dr. Musk
Ken & Jackie Young a tribute to Dr. Ramon Grover
Ken & Jackie Young a tribute to Dr. Ron Low
Ken & Jackie Young a tribute to Nathan Praud RN
Ken & Jackie Young a tribute to Vicki Dixon RN


Maria Zanolli in memory of Oreste Zanolli
Norman G. Zanolli in memory of Oreste Zanolli
Janet Zenarosa
Ralph Zentner in memory of Faith Zentner
Mary Zimmer In Memory Of Frank Zimmer and Family
Toni C. ZoBell in memory of Morley Ralph McGill
Toni C. ZoBell
Bernice Zolynas In Memory Of O & J Bruzga
Linda Zombori in memory of Nick Zombori
Emilia Zrim
Mr. and Mrs. J. Zubach in memory of Kazimierz & Christina Chodynicki

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