Funded Medical Equipment

CRHF Funded Equipment | 2023 - 2024 

OPMI Lumera Microscope -

The OPMI Lumera Microscope is a state-of-the-art optical instrument designed for precise surgical procedures, particularly in ophthalmology. It offers exceptional visualization with enhanced depth and clarity, enabling surgeons to perform delicate surgeries with confidence.

This microscope is widely used in eye surgeries, such as cataract and retinal surgeries, where high magnification and detailed views are essential. Its advanced optics and illumination systems ensure accurate diagnostics and treatment, leading to better patient outcomes.

LifePak 15 V4+ (Monitor and Defibrillator) -

The LifePak 15 V4+ is a robust and reliable monitor and defibrillator used by emergency medical services and in hospitals.
It combines advanced monitoring capabilities with a powerful defibrillator to provide comprehensive patient care.

This device is crucial in emergency situations, offering continuous monitoring
of vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels.

Its defibrillator function can deliver lifesaving shocks to patients experiencing cardiac arrest,
making it an essential tool for paramedics and emergency responders.


Sonosite Portable Ultrasound Machine -

The SonoSite Portable Ultrasound Machine is a compact, handheld device that provides high-quality imaging for various medical applications. Its portability allows for quick and accurate diagnostics at the point of care.

This ultrasound machine is ideal for use in emergency rooms, intensive care units, and remote locations where traditional ultrasound equipment may not be available. It is commonly used for diagnosing abdominal, cardiac, and obstetric conditions, offering real-time imaging that aids in prompt decision-making.


Gerichairs (2) -

Gerichairs are specialized chairs designed to provide comfort and support for elderly or disabled individuals. They offer adjustable features and enhanced stability to ensure safety and ease of use.

These chairs are commonly used in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and home care settings.

They help individuals with mobility issues maintain a comfortable and dignified sitting posture, making daily activities more manageable.

Sit/Stand Lift -

The Sit/Stand Lift is a versatile piece of equipment that assists individuals in transitioning from a sitting to a standing position. It is designed to provide support and reduce the physical strain on caregivers.

This lift is used in hospitals, nursing homes, and home care environments to aid patients with limited mobility. It enhances patient independence and safety while reducing the risk of injury for caregivers during transfers.

Portable Lyko Lift -

The Portable Lyko Lift is a mobile lifting device designed to assist in the safe transfer of patients. Its compact design and ease of use make it an essential tool for healthcare providers.

Ideal for both home care and clinical settings, the Portable Lyko Lift helps caregivers move patients from beds to chairs, toilets, or other locations without causing strain. It is especially beneficial for patients with significant mobility challenges.

Bladder Scanner (2) -

Bladder Scanners are non-invasive devices used to measure bladder volume and post-void residual (PVR) urine. They provide accurate and immediate results without the need for catheterization.

These scanners are used in urology, geriatrics, and emergency departments to diagnose and manage conditions such as urinary retention, incontinence, and bladder dysfunction. They are essential tools for ensuring appropriate bladder care and management.

Bedside Spacelab Monitors (2) -

Bedside Spacelab Monitors are advanced patient monitoring systems that track vital signs and other critical parameters in real time. They offer comprehensive data to support patient care.

These monitors are used in intensive care units, emergency rooms, and surgical recovery areas. They provide continuous monitoring of heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and other vital signs, ensuring timely interventions and optimal patient care.

Pivot Discs (2) -

Pivot Discs are mobility aids that assist in the safe transfer of patients from one seated position to another. They are designed to facilitate smooth and controlled movements.

Commonly used in hospitals, nursing homes, and home care settings, pivot discs help caregivers safely move patients between beds, chairs, and other surfaces. They reduce the risk of falls and improve patient handling efficiency.

Medtronic ENT Navigation Equipment -

The Medtronic ENT Navigation Equipment is an advanced system used in ear, nose, and throat surgeries. It provides real-time guidance and imaging to enhance surgical precision and safety.

This equipment is used in complex ENT surgeries, such as sinus and skull base surgeries. It helps surgeons navigate intricate anatomical structures, improving surgical outcomes and reducing complications.

Stryker 115 Prime Big Wheel Electric Stretchers -

The Stryker 115 Prime Big Wheel Electric Stretchers are high-performance patient transport devices equipped with electric drive systems. They offer superior maneuverability and patient comfort.

These stretchers are used in hospitals for transporting patients to and from operating rooms, diagnostic areas, and patient rooms.
Their ergonomic design and electric assist features ensure smooth and efficient patient transfers, enhancing overall care quality.



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Support our hospital foundation with a unique and tax-efficient giving option -donating publicly traded securities in kind.

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Soaring Temperatures in AB!

As most of southern Alberta is under an extreme heat advisory we wanted to remind you of the signs your body will give you when it's time to get out of the sun! 

Click here for information on Heat Exhaustion AND Heat Stroke!

Temperatures are remaining high this week so make sure to keep yourself, your pets, and your loved ones hydrated and cool - for more tips check out the resource below:

Fact Sheet: Staying Healthy in the Heat -

Injury Prevention Day

July 5th was National Injury Prevention Day - which serves as a reminder of the critical need for injury prevention measures in our workplaces, homes, and communities!
By fostering a culture of safety and awareness, we can significantly reduce the risk of injuries and enhance overall well-being - From wearing helmets to practicing safe driving habits, every small step counts!

For more information head to:
National Injury Prevention Day – Parachute


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