Lights of Hope

Celebrate your loved ones with our Lights of Hope!
This holiday season, consider a living tribute or memorial gift in the name of your special loved ones.

As we approach the holiday season, many of our hearts and joys rest with those who uplift our lives today, or who have impacted our lives in the past. Our Lights of Hope tradition honours these individuals. 

This winter, make a donation in honour of a friend, family member, a frontline healthcare worker, or in the memory of someone you hold close to your heart. With your support, our Lights of Hope will brighten the atrium of the Chinook Regional Hospital, a testament to the spirit of generosity that lives in our community. 

Lights of Hope is one of Chinook Regional Hospital Foundation’s biggest annual fundraisers, raising about $150,000 each year. These donation gifts will benefit the priority needs of the Chinook Regional Hospital, including essential programming, innovative equipment and enhanced healthcare services. 

The impact of these contributions touches countless lives, fosters advancements in patient care, and enables us to address important healthcare needs in our community. Including the needs of you and your family.

Each donation to Lights of Hope will see a personalized Christmas light ornament placed in the hospital atrium for the month of December, as well as included on the donors list on our website.

Please consider donating to Lights of Hope this holiday season and help us shine a light on our incredible healthcare projects. 

We thank you for your gift, your support and your generosity in this season of giving.


Charitable Donations of Publicly Traded Securities in Kind

Support our hospital foundation with a unique and tax-efficient giving option -donating publicly traded securities in kind.

This form of charitable donation not only helps advance our healthcare mission but also provides significant benefits to you as a donor.

Download the form today! 

CRHF In-Kind Donation Form

Soaring Temperatures in AB!

As most of southern Alberta is under an extreme heat advisory we wanted to remind you of the signs your body will give you when it's time to get out of the sun! 

Click here for information on Heat Exhaustion AND Heat Stroke!

Temperatures are remaining high this week so make sure to keep yourself, your pets, and your loved ones hydrated and cool - for more tips check out the resource below:

Fact Sheet: Staying Healthy in the Heat -

Injury Prevention Day

July 5th was National Injury Prevention Day - which serves as a reminder of the critical need for injury prevention measures in our workplaces, homes, and communities!
By fostering a culture of safety and awareness, we can significantly reduce the risk of injuries and enhance overall well-being - From wearing helmets to practicing safe driving habits, every small step counts!

For more information head to:
National Injury Prevention Day – Parachute


Welcome! The purpose of the Chinook Regional Hospital Foundation is to raise, receive and to distribute funds for equipment and programs that will enhance patient services and health programs in our community!