The Hospital

The Chinook Regional Hospital is located at 960 - 19th Street South, Lethbridge, T1J 1W5. It is a 270-bed hospital administered by Alberta Health Services.

Originally named Lethbridge Regional Hospital which officially opened June 24, 1988, having evolved from the Lethbridge Municipal Hospital and Galt Hospital. It is a modern health facility located in the heart of the City of Lethbridge and is one of the City's largest employer.

Chinook Regional Hospital
 Emergency Department 48,700 patient visits annually
 Surgeries 10,800 surgeries annually
 Ambulatory Care Visits - excludes 52,500 patient visits annually
 Respiratory Services and Medical Imaging  
 Outpatient Psychiatric Services 19,976 patient visits annually
 Intensive Care Unit 1700 admissions annually
 Labour Delivery and Maternal Child Services 2300 births
 Paediatrics 900 admissions
          Day Surgery 500 patient visits
          Outpatient Clinic 1900 patient visits
 Psychiatry 740 admissions
 Cardiac Patients 830 admissions
 Heart Function Clinic 637 patients
 Cardiac Rehabilitation 526 patients
 Asthma Clinic and COPD Program 177 patients
 Therapeutic Exercise 394 appointments
 Diabetic Education 2237 patients
 Outpatient Nutrition 740 patients
 Medical Imaging  
          CT Scans 12400 procedures
          MRI Scans 6800 procedures

The above statistics provided by Alberta Health Services. For more information on the services available at the Chinook Regional Hospital follow the link to the Alberta Health Services website.


COVID 19 - the CRH Foundation Office will be closed to all visitors until further notice.